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The dark black outline on this map shows the area of focus for Neighborhood United Against Violence.

Framing the Issue

In order to make change, it is important to understand 

how violence affects Eastern North Philadelphia

Framing the Problem

In a recent survey of Philadelphia residents



public safety

is the biggest problem

facing the city.


Violent Crime includes criminal homicide, aggravated assault, simple assault, rape and robbery.

Non-Violent Crime includes theft, motor vehicle theft, theft from motor vehicle, arson, vandalism, burglary, drug violations, fraud and embezzlement.


Census Tract is a group of blocks defined by the US Census that usually consists of residents with similar demographic backgrounds.


The map below shows census tracts in Philadelphia

where violence took place in 2015.

The darkest areas show

between 86 and 134

violent crimes in 2015.

The lightest areas show

census tracts where

fewer than 15 violent

crimes took place.

Eastern North Philadelphia,

in the bolded black line,

experiences violent crime

at a higher rate than the

rest of the city.

Two of the police districts in Eastern North Philadelphia are ranked third and fourth in the city for violent crime

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