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Learn how you can get involved in ending the violence in North Philadelphia

What can you do?

Reduce risk factors in your neighborhood

Want to report an abandoned building, lot or vehicle, an unsafe building, graffiti, a pothole, illegal dumping of trash, a streetlight outage, or a park that is unsafe or needs maintenance?

Click here to submit a 311 request,

3-1-1, or send them email at

To learn how to elect a block captain in your neighborhood, click here:

Take political action

To see a list of your elected officials, find your polling place, or register to vote click here:

To contact your legislators click here:

Thinking about running for office?
Click here to join Next In Office, and begin building your support base. 

To make your voice heard in city-wide polling, click here to learn more.

Join Activist Group

To learn more about how to participate click here:

Participate in community-based organizations

To learn more about community organizations and how to participate click here:

Or download the 311 app! search for:

"philly 311"

What can you do?
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